Bright Beginnings Pre-School Learning Center is premised on the Montessori philosophy that children have “absorbent minds”, and an innate desire to learn. We are committed to prepare children for life in a safe and physically healthy environment and to stimulate and provide for cognitive, emotional, physical and social development. The program is designed to foster the individuality of each child as well as a sense of community, respect for self and the feelings and rights of others.

The philosophy of Bright Beginnings reflects professionals working collaboratively with children, families, and communities to maximize the individual’s potential and abilities. We provide a balanced amount of challenges and successes through learning materials and mixed age grouping in the classroom. All this in an atmosphere that encourages social responsibility and interdependency of children, the understanding and respect for the differences among us, the development of self-discipline and self esteem, and the confidence to become motivated and lifelong learners.