Special Events

Throughout the year Bright Beginnings hosts several special events, both benefiting the educational and growth development needs of the children as well as embracing a sense of community. Listed below are just some of the special events that our children and staff participate in throughout the year.

  • Halloween Day Parade
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Visits to the Yorktown Museum
  • Celebrating December Holidays
  • Welcoming the New Year
  • St. Patrick’s Day with the Seniors
  • Mother’s Day Concert
  • Annual Picnic
  • Father’s Day Breakfast
  • Moving Up Ceremony
  • Special Guests and More!

Current Events

It's Spring!


The children are preparing their classrooms for Spring!  They are excited to do planting activities.  They will soon be getting their caterpillars and watching them spin their cocoons and eventually emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies!


We are all waiting for the weather to get warmer and to spend more time outside.  We love exploring and observing nature and seeing everything start to bloom and grow!


They are continuing their lessons in the classroom and also creating beautiful artwork and spring projects!  The children observe the changes in nature…it is always a favorite time of the year for them!



Enrollment for Summer Program 2018 and 2018/2019 School Year


Bright Beginnings is now accepting enrollment for the 2018 Summer Program and the 2018/2019 School Year Program.


Please call the office at (914) 962-2929 for further information or to make an appointment to schedule a tour!

Upcoming Events

Spring Celebrations!



The children are all getting ready for Spring Celebrations!


They will be talking about Earth Day and the importance of recycling and taking care of our Planet.


In May, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day with a special concert and some special treats honoring our Mothers!



Upcoming Events

A father and a doughter together hold each other and have closed eyes. in front of white background


Our children are excited for the many different activities planned for the Spring Season!


Mother’s Day Concert

On Tuesday, May 8th, at 2:30 pm, the children will perform some songs for their mothers and enjoy a celebration with special treats!


Bright Beginnings Annual Picnic

On Friday, June 8th, at 10:00 am, Bright Beginnings will hold their annual Picnic at Downing Park in Yorktown.  This is a fun family event.  We will have face painting, tattoos and other favorite activities as well as a visit from Anthony from My Gym!


Father’s Day “Breakfast on the Go”

On this day,the fathers bring their children to school and enjoy a light breakfast with their child.  It is a celebration for the fathers before they head off to work!


Moving Up Ceremony

Our Moving Up Ceremony will take place on Friday, June 15th.  This event is for children who will be attending Kindergarten in September 2018.  Children and their families are invited to attend this celebration at 9:30 am in the Gymnasium.